Computer Repairs

All types of computer repairs at your fingertips

Computer repair London exclusively deals in Computer, Laptop, & Mac repairs & maintenance. We have over 15 years of experience in the computer repair industry & aim towards fixing all the computer issues at affordable rates.

Our team of professional hardware engineers repairs the computers of all brands, types, & models, including assembled computers.

We provide computer, laptops, and mac support to individuals, start-up companies, small companies, medium-scale companies, and Fortune companies.

Our team understands the criticality of computer data, for which we would take the backup of their confidential files before repairing the system.

Why Us?

Computer repair London is one of the most reputed computers, laptop, & MacBook repair service providers, known for providing prompt & efficient services. Here are some of the reasons to choose us as your service provider.

Professional technicians & engineers

We have a team of professional and experienced hardware engineers who would fall under the issues quickly while inspecting the device. They are well-versed with various kinds of hardware and handle every repair in the best possible ways. In addition, our technicians would immediately attend to the customers when they face issues, even after repairs.


We have over 500 happy customers who refer people to use to get their computers repaired. Today, most customers approach us for computer, laptop, and Mac repairs through word of mouth.

Emergency & 24/7 Customer Service

An electronic device would be prone to damage even if there is a drop of water and liquid spills. If you happen to experience the malfunctioning of your system for any reason, you can contact us to avail of emergency service. Our technicians are available for the customer 24/7

No hidden & inspection fees

We don’t charge any upfront fees from our customers, especially the inspection fees. Our technicians would start their work only at your approval. We offer a 3-years warranty for all laptop and mac repairs and a 2-year warranty for desktop repairs.

If you are a walk-in customer, you can book an appointment or randomly walk to our store with your faulty or damaged device. Our technicians would immediately detect the issue with the device when you let us know about the issues.

In most cases, we fix the device with a few hours or 24 hours, depending on your device’s condition.

What are services do we provide?

All types of computer repairs at your fingertips

Computer Repairs

At Computer repair London, we repair old & new computer models with the same accuracy. Our technicians repair the physical damages & malfunctioning but also resolve system crashes & slow boot ups.

Laptop Repairs

Laptops are more prone to water/liquid damages, overheating, & battery issues. At Computer repair London, when we take up the responsibility to repair your laptop, we would make sure that you don’t face those issues again.

Mac Repairs

If you seek immediate Mac Repairs, we have a team of Mac experts who would provide you with an efficient & reliable repair service. Our technicians repair the MacBooks of all brands & makes.


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