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Though the laptop is one of the most expensive devices, it is one of the best companions to all users. You can carry them in your journey & perform the allocated tasks, or even use them for entertainment like games, movies, shows, & others.

However, laptops are susceptible to liquid damages, which could turn into devastating & costly mishaps. In such cases, you would need emergency services to run the show.

Are you looking for the best laptop repair service provider in London? Then, you have come to the right place. At Computer repair London, we provide you with professional assistance to all laptop-related issuesin London, Greater London, and the United Kingdom. In addition, our team of highly skilled and experienced laptop hardware engineers provides residential and business users with same-day laptop repairs.

Our technicians would repair all brands. It would include the popular ones like:

1- Dell
2- Hewlett Packard
3- Lenovo
4- Acer
5- Toshiba
6- Samsung
7- Sony Vaio and
8- Many others

Computer repair London have been in the laptop repair industry for eight years & has earned award-winning recognition.We also repair the latest & well-known brands to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Are you worried about the cost? Well, if you have paid a hefty amount, the repairing charges would be high. However, we provide you the laptop repairing services at competitive rateswith a 3-year warranty period for the replaced components.

What are the laptop issues we resolve?

Remove laptop virus & spyware

Troubleshoot Windows 10 updating issues


Abnormal functioning of your operating system

Water or liquid spills

Monitor, LCD, Motherboard replacement

And many other issues.

We are open for our customers for 365 days that include official holidays & other festivals. So, feel free to reach us any time to express your issues now!

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